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Welcome to Maclaren's Social Education Series.

Our goal is to keep parents #INTHEKNOW on all things related to safety, sustainability and advocacy.

This allows each wheel to move up and down independently so all four wheels will always be in contact with the ground, creating more stability and control when operating your buggy.
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Not only can you store more in the shopping basket, but it’s easier than ever to access the goods.
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Our enhanced aviator buckle provides added protection for the baby as well as more ease for parents when buckling in or unbuckling your child. The aviator buckle’s new design also offers a one-two-three approach when removing the machine washable seat.
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The oversized extendable UPF 50+ and waterproof sun canopy and built-in sun visor ensures your child is fully protected from head to toe. Now parents can rest assured knowing their child is protected from harmful UV rays. #maclarenbaby #intheknow #smartproduct #expandablehood

Did you know that The All New Maclaren Collection buggies come with self-service replaceable parts? The buggy's most wear and tear items, including the wheels, handle grips, seat and hood are available to purchase separately. Maclaren buggy owners can replace these parts themselves or with an Authorised Technician at one of our Authorised Service Centres. For more information and updates, chat with us on #maclarenbaby #intheknow #smartproduct #selfservicereplaceableparts

All of our buggies have a high-tech aircraft grade aluminium chassis engineered to be the world's lightest range of strollers yet. Not only are they lighter than ever, they are compact and ideal for families on-the-go. #maclarenbaby #intheknow #smartproduct #superlightweight

All Maclaren buggies comes with a set of highly-engineered security elements. The tether Strap is added assurance to keep your buggy securely tethered to you wherever you go. Learn more about the Maclaren Global Safety Standard™

Why red? Originally implemented as part of Australia’s safety standard requirement, red is easier to spot when trying to use the brakes on your buggy. Due to this practical solution, we have chosen to use the colour redon all of Maclaren's foot-operated linked brake systems. With a single step, our break pedal can lock and unlock both rear wheels simultaneously. Safe buggy, safe driver, safe roads. #maclarenbaby #intheknow #smartproduct​

Whether you have an inquiry about your warranty, web order and/or a repair - we are always available and just a click away. With our click to chat offering, coupled with our Global Network of Service Centres and dedicated Customer Care team - we are here to serve you - in person, on the phone and/or via the web. #maclarenbaby #intheknow #customerexperience

When traveling with your infant whether it’s a trip to the park or an international excursion, there are a lot of things that active parents have to consider. Look no further- we have the perfect solution for you! Being the lightest, most compact, easy to store, fold, carry and maneuver while offering the highest weight capacity makes our buggy a one stop shop. It doesn’t stop there- the simple Maclaren Carrycot, an ideal lie flat environment, transforms each of our from birth buggies into the safest offering in the market. You no longer have the burden of purchasing a heavy, bulky and expensive transportation system only to realize you need another lightweight option when your newborn becomes a toddler. By purchasing one Maclaren buggy equipped with Global Safety Standards and Sovereign Lifetime Warranty, you are now offering your child the most practical and safest form of transport.

Did you know Maclaren buggies come with accessories in the box? When you purchase an Object of Design buggy, it comes complete with coordinating accessories for you to stroll in style. Whether it’s a head hugger for added comfort or a UPF+50 waterproof and wind-blocking raincover, each Object of Design buggy comes uniquely equipped with accessories! We also offer a range of universal accessories sold separately so that you can continue to accessorize your buggy with new-fashion-forward looks. #maclarenbaby #intheknow #smartproduct #accessorize

Make no mistake, a car seat is a must when riding in a vehicle. However, according to The American Academy of Pediatrics infants "should spend minimal time in car seats (when not a passenger in a vehicle)." Spending unnecessary time in the curved position of an infant car seat has been shown to cause plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome), oxygen desaturation and spinal development delays. So when the automobile destination has been reached, we recommend the lie-flat environment of a carrycot. This position encourages better digestion, good body alignment and proper respiration. #maclarenbaby #intheknow #lieflat #smartproduct

Global Safety Standard: Did you know Maclaren is a leader for the highest safety standards and safety compliance worldwide? In 2012, Maclaren enhanced all safety features by moving to one Global Safety Standard™. This standard means that all Maclaren buggies meet or exceed the highest safety standards mandated anywhere in the world. #maclarenbaby #intheknow #globalsafetystandard #smartproduct

Did you know that the European standard test calls for a buggy to be put on a moving surface with 4 obstacles for 72,000 cycles? Maclaren's strollers conduct an endurance test that takes over 48 hours exceeding the requirement by 50%+. #maclarenbaby #intheknow #endurancetest #smartproduct #activeparent

Did you know Maclaren's Handprint Programme reduces environmental impacts? From recycling our buggies, protecting our forests to eliminating PVC plastic are just some of the ways we help lessen environmental impacts to make the world a better place for our future generations. #maclarenbaby #intheknow #maclarenhandprint #betterplanet

Did you know that all of our buggies are tested to the highest of standards? We meet and exceed global standard testing on the Endurance Test, Curb Pop Test and Dynamic Load Test, to name a few. #maclarenbaby #intheknow #safetychecklist #smartproduct #activeparent

Did you know Maclaren offers the best warranty in the parenting industry? By registering a Maclaren buggy within 60 days of purchase, parents can take advantage of Maclaren's lifetime protection. Maclaren produces the most durable and best quality buggies. We stand by our claim by offering the only lifetime warranty in the industry. #maclarenbaby #intheknow #sovereignlifetimewarranty #smartproduct

Did you know that all of Maclaren buggies undergo a test to simulates rolling the buggy up and down a curb? All buggies undergo more than 10,000 cycles to ensure that they can withstand wear and tear while remaining fully functional. #maclarenbaby #intheknow #curbpoptest #smartproduct #activeparent

Did you know that since 2012 all Maclaren's buggies are packaged under the Forest Stewardship Council certification? Sustainability starts with our packaging and the cardboard we use comes from well managed forests of which 10 percent is on recycled paper. To learn more, please visit the Forest Stewardship Council #maclarenbaby #intheknow #recycle #fsc #betterplanet

Did you know Maclaren is committed to providing best in class customer service to all parents wherever they are in the world? From our Sovereign Lifetime Warranty™ to our dedicated Customer Care Team and Global Network of 200+ Repair Centres - we strive to provide peace of mind and convenience in every aspect of our customer's experience. #maclarenbaby #intheknow #committedtoservice #smartproduct

Maclaren’s 5 point harness, unlike the bumper bar, provides the safest way to buckle up your child. Parents often times use the bumper bar as a replacement of the 5 point harness increasing chances of accidents. Moreover, children who are teething tend to bite on the bumper bar ingesting its toxic materials. The risk outweigh the benefits.